Wednesday, November 18, 2015

{Made by PH} The Birthday Princess Dress

It's the time of the year to design a birthday dress for my little girl again, her 4th year old birthday is only few days away. We will be hosting a small party with best buddies and their kiddos. Nothing fancy: no bouncy castle, no carousels, no professional entertainers.. just a day for the little friends to hang out and have some fun. I like K.I.S.S. - keep it simple and sweet. :)
Little C is all about pink now. She has her favorite pink teddy bear, favorite pink dancing shoes, favorite pink hair band... So I could not think of other color for her party dress except, PINK.

Loads of pink.

In pink polkadots, filled with little daisies and rig-rags. 

I used the same pattern as the Snow White dress I made for her last month, except with some changes in fabric matching. I'm actually pretty happy with how it turns out.

Two little butterflies hiding on the back. I like adding little details in my handmade, they are like little surprises waiting to be discovered. 

The Making...
I had not prepared a tutorial for this dress (it is not quite an easy piece, so I am sort of lazy to write a long tutorial). Please please pardon me. 

However the picture collage below would summarise the making. It took me a span of 2 days of approximately 2.5 hours each.

This is how the steps go (from top left to bottom right):

Cutting the pieces from my self-made pattern...
Sewing the bodice..
Making the stretchable shoulder straps...
Attaching the shoulder straps to the bodice..
Making the skirt and attaching it to the bodice..
Finally, hem all edges... add the accessories like little flowers or buttons... and it's done!

I cannot make up my mind if I should add on some bling bling embellishment onto the dress, to add some sparkly magical feel. While my girl will surely like it, washing it later may be a bit of a challenge - it would has to be handed washed. 

Just let me mull over that thought for awhile... In the meanwhile, do feel free to share your suggestion! *smile*


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