Sunday, November 29, 2015

{Travel Special} East Coast Park @ Singapore

We had a short family visit to Singapore during the weekends, we did not make plan for sight seeing since we intend to have some quality time with the family. 

However, as East Coast Park is just on the way from our hotel to the relative's house, we decided to take the duo for some play time at the park in the morning. 

East Coast Park is located next to the beach and has a wide open space that span across 185 hector of land and 18km of coastal line. Most part of the beach have shady trees so the park packed with joggers and cyclists during our weekend visit.

On the first day of visit, we had our breakfast sets at the Starbucks cafe. It was a breezy morning, so we picked the outdoor long bench facing the sea. We were sipping our drinks, enjoying the soft music playing in the background and doodling at the same time. Just a box of color pencils and some papers, and we had really cozy start for the day.

The next day, we returned again with the duo and this time we came preparedwith  extra clothes for changing. The duo dashed to the beach and started playing with sands right away.

They had so much fun walking along the beach and kicking the wave that they almost refused to leave. 

If you have more luxury of time, you can rent a bike, a scooter or a skateboard at the nearby cycling shop. They have something to offer for every age.

We stopped by St Marc Bakery & Bar for a late brunch. The restaurant setup was warmth and welcoming.

They offered a pretty good selection of sweet savory. They served weekend brunch between 9:30am to 3:00pm and with reasonable price range - around SGD$9.80 (French toast) to SGD$21.90 (Wagyu burger). However the cafe latte was rather mild and personally I find Starbucks breakfast set a much worthy deal - only SGD$6.90 inclusive of a breakfast meal (quite some choices) and a mug of brew of the day. 

E and I shared the buttermilk pancakes. The pancakes were fluffy but overall too dry to my liking, perhaps it will be more awesome if they provide some maple syrup or honey, instead of the fresh cream.

Big Guy and C shared the American breakfast set. Again, I thought it would be nicer to serve with some sauce and we would preferred some thick fat fries...

According to the directory, there is supposed to be a children playground somewhere in the park but we did not managed to find it, even the waiter has no idea where it is located. So we had to give it a missed.

Our little girl was curious about anything and everything.. She spotted someone holding a yoyo in there.

However overall the park is a really friendly place for the whole family. We met a lot of the locals and expats that brought their family here for cycling, jogging, barbecuing (need advanced booking for the barbecue pit), camping (need permit), cricket / frisbee game, or just sun bathing on the very clean beach (just so you know, never ever litter in Singapore unless you are looking for trouble...).

Besides, from the official website I found that they offered watersports / water activities and there is also a holiday chalet available for rent. This is probably the urban gateway for the local Singaporeans or Johorean.

So, what do I like about this place?
I liked that they have easy access for stroller / wheelchair, spacious washrooms right next to the beach (equipped with shower facility) and shady beach that allows a comfort walk. There is also abundance of cafes and restaurants to choose from and most of them are facing the beach. 

So if you have some spare time when you visit Singapore, so drop by to East Coast Park with your kiddos and have a fun-filled day!

Important note... 
Make sure you come early to avoid the burning sun and bring along your sunblock, hats and loads of water. 
Here is the piece of memory that i took home with me.

Where I drew my inspiration..

More Information..
Entrance: free
Operating hour: 24 hours, lighting from 7:00pm to 7:00am
Direction: public transport and onsite parking a single. You may refer to the google Map.
For more information, refer to the official website here

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