Monday, December 7, 2015

{Christmas Special} Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

The kiddos are spending home with me this holiday season so I though of doing a series of Christmas crafts with them. Good for bonding and to have some decoration for the home & family too. 

After the Christmas Wreath I made last weekend, I found it is not quite suitable for little ones with the use of hot glue gun (I burnt my fingers few times), I decided to start with activities that are kids-friendly and something that would be fun... So when I told them we are making Pop-Up Christmas Tree card, they got super excited. I have not met a kids who do not like pop-up so far. I insisted they had to call me Teacher PH instead of mommy, they loved the idea! Lol.

We had a good 45 minutes making these cards. From left to right - by Ethan, by teacher PH, by Claire. 

The duo drew, cut, glued and decorated the card all by themselves. I just gave suggestions and jumped in for damage control, e.g. When Claire accidentally squeezed too much glue or could not cut a round Christmas ball. So these cards may not be perfect, but are truly their own artwork. I am emphasize on the kiddo's learning progress than to cheat a perfect outcome.

Ethan and I completed this wrapping paper strips Christmas trip for the card cover. He found the paper stencil punchers so we made some flower & little people punch holes, how cute!

The pop-up Christmas tree with 2D gift box. Noticed the little soldier I added? *smile*

The pop -up Christmas tree as done by Ethan. He dedicated it to Yuky 姐姐, one of my buddies whom we are meeting up for lunch later.

It was a total mess on our dinning table, but we managed to clean up within 10'minutes. The kiddos had been trained to clean up and we have a pretty good team work by now. :)

What you need to make some Christmas cards with your little ones..
• Some colorful papers
• child-friendly scissors 
• artwork glue
• used wrapping papers / ribbons / buttons / washi tapes 
• pencils & market pens
• paper stencil punchers (optional but adds fun to the making)
• cutters (optional, NOT SAFE FOR KIDS)
• old newspapers to protect the work surface
• some creative juice ;-) 

Here's the simple tutorial on how to make the pop-up tree..



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