Friday, December 18, 2015

Make Your Own... Christmas Craft!

Christmas is one of our favorite holiday of the year, a peaceful and meaningful occasion that unites us with the loved ones. The kids love it the most too as that's the time they receive gifts (who does not like presents? *laugh*)

The duo and I setup the Christmas tree, lighted it up but we wanted to make our home really really Christmas-ty, so we started making more some Christmas craft. Here's how make your own Christmas decor with with absolutely no cost! 

Using plain papers, we've cut out lots of shapes - snowflakes, Christmas cottages, Christmas trees, and even volcanoes..

Then we made Christmas cards.

Next we made an ever Christmas wreath. Since it is made of fresh Christmas tree twigs, it smells so good and we decorate it with fresh flowers from our garden everyday.. 

Then we deployed these crafts all around  the house. By using blue tac stickers, the papers stick on easily without damaging the surface. The duo were so excited going around the house sticking on their Christmas cottages and trees... They we so proud as they showed daddy later at night.


Make Your Own... Popsicle Stick Tree!

You can either purchased a set of ready packed craft set (E received it as birthday pressie last year) or buy the Popsicle sticks from stationeries or bakery supplies stores. Then just glue, paint, stick!

What about some sparkly stars too? 

Make Your Own... Snowflakes! 
We followed these simple steps to fold the paper and just cut out any shapes of snowflakes we like, it was too challenging for C as the paper is rather thick to cut, so I let her design and I did the cutting for her.. You can practically design endless shapes, creativity is your only limit!

Make Your Own... Felt Christmas Tree!

Not to forget, our cute felt Christmas tree which functions as a child play too.

This Christmas tree was made with large button holes to let little ones learn to button on and off. It served its purpose well - both E and C practiced by themselves and can handle buttons well now, and it is such a pretty addition for the door :)

Not a crafty person? This is a super easy one that requires no crafting interest at all..

Just get a real small size Christmas tree from IKEA for only RM8.90, hang  some golden ornaments or balls and it is perfect addition for indoor or the garden.. Well, will have to change it to a beautiful pot thou. *smile*

That's all peeps, easy-peasy craft to brighten the home. 

Hope you have a wonderful time bonding with your little ones and celebrating with your loved ones..


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