Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Paleontologist for a day @ Dinosaur Discovery

It's school holiday and the duo are staying home with me most of the time. I was planning to meet up with my buddies and at the same time do not want the duo to feel neglected (afterall school holiday should be fun isn't it?). Since I am meeting up them at Avenue K Shopping Mall, I thought of just bringing the duo to the Dinoscovery located at the roof top.
We spent about an hour at the dinosaur Discovery center, while its quite a small setup, it was educational and fun. The dinosaurs on display are of actual scale and will move their heads or bodied so gave a vivid feeling (too bad the Pterosaurs were just stationed, would be nice if they actually could "fly" around). My girl was petrified by the Tyrannosaurus when it opened its big mouth and went hiding behind me. Lol.
We were given vests, head lamp, maps and an RFID tag as if we were the paleontologists. The kiddos were really excited as it felt like the real thing.

The kiddos were given a map each to collect stamps along the way. Upon completing this map (optionally, complete some questions about the Dino too), you will be given a certificate upon exiting. However, personally I would think they should have provided each of us a headlamp and an RFID tag too since the ticket charge is not cheap.

Showing off their certificates.

What to expect?
There were about 20 types of dinosaur species on display (rough count, visitors were not allowed to take pictures), and there were some activities available to make the visit more exciting. Among those we have tried are..

Attack with an Angkylosaurous tail. E wore the tail on his back and use it to hit the sand bag, it's heavy and hard to aim!

• Rock climbing. E and I completed the climb while C was too scared as there were some Pterosaurs hanging above.

Race with the Theratop. We took turn to race with the creature and the duo was really trying hard!

Shooting mosquitoes with air guns. Up to 8 shots per person.

Errupting Volcano & Sandpit at the children play area, the duo were having lots of fun with the volcano. 

At the entrance.

At the exit, there is some a cafe and a coloring corner for the kids to wind down.

You can opt to buy your pictures too. I didn't, so just took a snap of the LCD display.. ;P

Need more information? Here you go..

Ticket price (available online too):
RM25(MyKad adult) | RM40 (adult) 
RM35(MyKid child) | RM50 (child)

Free admission for children under 60cm
Special discount for Maxis and CIMB cardholder.

Level 4, Avenue K, 
156, Jalan Ampang, 
Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hour: 
Weekdays 10am - 7pm 
Weekends 10am - 8pm

For more info, visit their website: http://discoveria.com.my/

Have fun & enjoy the holiday!

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