Thursday, January 14, 2016

{Birthday Special} - E is 7 and free DIY Paper Bunting

Little E turned 7 years old finally, a day he has been longing for as it signifies that he is a big boy now. A major milestone to a young kid as that's the age he starts formal schooling, a.k.a. The Big Boy school.

We had a simple celebration at home, with wonderful spread of dinner cooked by the grandma, a chocolate mango mousse cake with special decoration by mommy, and a Star War LEGO set that he always wanted. 

The very happy birthday boy.

The birthday tradition - longevity noodles and red eggs. Roast chicken legs are the kiddos' favorites.

E was smiling the whole time and had such great appetite. Ate double portion of fried noodles, a whole chicken drumsticks and double slices of the mango mousse cake. That, brought smiles to me too.

With his Lego Star Wars Clone Commander, spent the night assembling it by himself.

However, secretly I was worried he would be disappointed as this time round, I did not arranged a party with his little friends - mommy had resumed working so no time to bake him a cake nor organized a party, but I had a pleasant surprise when he told me this during bedtime..

"Mommy, today is the happiest day for me!"  

"Really? Can you tell me why?", I pretended blunt.

"I got my favorite mango chocolate cake, my favorite LEGO toy, and all my friends celebrated for me too!"

"All your friends? In school?", now I got really curious. 

I did not packed party food to bring to his school this time, since I don't think his class teacher will like him to disrupt the lesson - local government school teachers are well known to be really strict.

"Teacher Chan asked the class if we know whose birthday is it today, I raised my hand, and she invited everyone to sing birthday song for me...", his eyes sparkling and his face brighten up as he told me, "in 3 different languages!! English, Bahasa and 华语!"

"Wow, you are one lucky boy to have 50 person celebrating with you..."

"Yes, I know! I am so happy mommy!"

He was smiling like the morning sun, warmth and bright.

Despite all the horror stories I have heard about the local teachers - how they punished the students unreasonably, how they gave crazy amount of homework etc (no offense to all teachers, personally I adored all my former teachers).... I am just glad that E got a caring teacher for his first year of formal schooling life.

A good & caring teacher is hard to come by, E must have got a lucky star shinning upon him.

Happy birthday, my boy. 
May you be blessed always.
May you be happy always.
May you enjoy every single day of your life.
Mommy love you, to the moon and back.

Mommy pH

FREE DIY Bunting a Template

In case anyone of you interested to make a paper bunting, I've made the template available in baby blue and soft pink. Download one that suit yourself and print it on an A4 size paper. Enjoy! 😉 

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