Saturday, January 2, 2016

{Made by PH} It's a Big Boy's Wallet!

E is entering primary 1 starting 4 January, officially a big boy attending a big school. He will be making new friends, learning new stuff (7 subjects!) and learning to be truly independent - buying food on his own, adapting to social life in a large class (50 students!) and taking the school bus all by himself. He seem cool about it, but mommy somehow having butterfly in the stomach... 

I have took the past few months to slowly build his confidence and independence, and as an encouragement from me, I decided to make him something special that no one else has.

So I made this, a Big Boy's wallet, designed and made by mommy. 

Embroidered with a special "E".

Comes with multiple compartments for cards and notes.

With a zipped coin compartment too. 

Fit for a Lego, or two perhaps. :)

Small enough to fit into his school pants, but huge with mommy's love & blessing.

This is a rather spontaneous project (we are only 1 day away from school opening day!), somehow the design just appeared in my mind and I decided to make it with my favorite London Town thick cotton fabric. Took me about 2+ hours to complete and I'm pretty happy with the outcome (he too!), I surely hope this wallet will last him for the next few years in school.

Have a blast in your new school, little E!

Psss... This is actually the second wallet I made for E, he got his first little boy's wallet 2 years ago when I was teaching him about money value. You may check it out here, he still using it till these day but since it does not has a zipped compartment it's less ideal.


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