Friday, September 14, 2012

Tutorial: Finger Puppets - Little People 手指小玩偶

I've ordered some felt recently to make more owl soft toys, however since Ethan's grandpa has been unwell for a while, I thought of making family finger puppets for Ethan to put up a puppet show to cheer him up. So I did some research, made some sketches on my iPhone and started making these little puppets one night, after putting the duo to sleeps.

From concept...

To reality!

Fit into the fingers just nicely, yay!

Grandpa, little boy and little girl "hanging out" together :)

Ethan putting up a puppet show for me over coffee break..

How to make?
It only takes a few simple steps to complete each puppet, however you need to have some patience and creative juice :)

1. Cut the felt according to your finger shape plus extra of 2cm (so it will not be too tight after sew). Decorate using ribbons, buttons, fabric or whatever available tools.

2. Turn the decorated felt inside out and sew the left and right side together. Keep the bottom opened to leave space for the finger.

3. Flip them over and your finger puppet is done! This is actually the most tricky part, you may used a pen to help push the corner outward.

4. If you have giggle eyes, just glue them using super glue. I purposely left this step for my little boy to complete so he felt the sense of ownership and participation :)

I shall continue to make more family members later when time allows, till then, stay tuned and happy crafting! ;)

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If you are interested to try out handmade soft toys or puppets, do buy some felts as they are ideal for handcraft work and do not fray. These lovely colorful cloths are usually sold in small cut size like A4 paper size, or you can buy by yard too.

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