Friday, September 21, 2012

Ocean and Bella Little Owls

Meet Ocean & Bella, the happy little owl siblings. I made these for my two Little Precious, the owls are designed to represent them in the most unique ways..

Bella, this little red owl has 2 little tinkle bells that make tinkling noise, just right for my little baby Claire who loves noise crinkling toys.

Ocean, the slightly bigger size blue little owl who has a Mickey on his forehead, this is for my little boy who loves Mickey.

Both little owls are playful just like me duo, see how they like to hang around upside down.

I made these little cuties at night and placed them besides their pillows while they were sound asleep. My baby girl noticed it when she woke up and was curiously tossing Bella around :)

Ethan was so happy to see his Ocean and hugged it to sleep with him underneath his blanket instantly. All the efforts are truly worthwhile to see the smiles on their faces.

A Note on Safety
If you are making this or any soft toys for little ones under 3, do avoid using of small objects like buttons or bells which can be chocking hazard. replace with ribbons or embroidery patterns instead.

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