Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sewing Project B2: Improved Toddler Pants

After successfully making the first pair of stretchable pants for my little boy, I decided to make him another one with the same fabrics that I used for sewing a little blouse for my baby girl. See the blouse here.

Why I called this improved version? Well, it has 2 added side pockets and folded edges so looks neater and smarter than the previous one.
Toddler Pants, with side pockets and folded edge

It also comes with an elastic waist band that is neatly hidden at the back of the pants.
Stretchable waist with the button holes

However, having paid attentions to all these details, I made a big mistake - I miscalculated the waist length and when I tried to put it onto Ethan, I failed to pull the pants beyond his buttock! *argg*

I was feeling defeated for a while as I had put significant effort into this pants, it was such a frustrating moment. 2 days later, I decided to make some modification to make it fit - by adding a zipper. So, I learnt to sew zipper for the first time... and here is the outcome of the modified pants.

Added a 4" white zipper and a front button onto the pants.

The modified pants that finally fits :)

Finally, Ethan can wear this new pants made by mommy and look smart in it...Yay!

Wonder how to sew a zipper? Refer to this simple guide on Make It-Love It

Wonder how to make the side pockets? Refer to Made By Rae's post here.

Quite easy done. :)

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