Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{Book Review} Me On The Map 地图与我

Now that my little boy had turned 4 years old, I am ready to teach him map reading and basic geography knowledge. Besides, I thought its important he knows where we stay and our contact numbers so he can reach us in event of emergency. Map reading requires the ability to translate visual into a 2-dimensional drawing, hence it maybe to challenging to begin with children of younger age.

When I saw this book among the list of books available from the brochure distributed by his pre-school, I thought it came just handy - Me On The Map.

It relates little one to the surrounding so its easy to understand.

First, it's about me and my room.

Then, it's a map of my house.

Next, my street and town.

Then it got bigger... Like my state, my country...

And finally, the World map.

We plotted Malaysia on the world map, so now my little captain knows which country he lives in.

He has been going around telling his grandpa, uncle on the new thing he learnt, I'm really glad that I picked few books with us when traveling this CNY week, as he continued to learn new things and the bedtime routine remained despite the holiday travel.

Later on, I re-enforced the newly learnt info by inviting him to draw a map of his room and our house on the iPad Doodle Pro app and on my idea book where I scribble my craft ideas.

He drew this when I asked him to draw a map of his room, with little help from mommy. He added some of his favorite toys and used the flower stencil to draw the tent and circle stencil for the magic 8 ball, pretty creative I would say :)

By reading through the 15 pages book my little boy now knows where he stays, the state and country he's living in. Isn't it cool? Well, at least I though it is as I didn't knew the name of the state I lived until I was in primary school...

Moving on, we shall expand to the street, the town and I plan to get a globe so we can learn different famous locations in the world. Starting with our homeland, Malaysia of course. :)

If you are interested with this book, you may check out the Scholastic website or inquire with your kid's preschool teacher as these books are only distributed through schools.

Have fun!

We finally got him a globe later and started learning about other countries, you read more about it here!

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  1. Helloo Pui Hua,

    I really love your blogs.. May I know where do you purchase all your books, reading materials, activity books, etc?

    1. Hi BW,

      Thanks & glad to know you like this blog! :)
      Quite a number of the books are purchased through Scholarstic in which they distribute leaflets through the preschool . The rest are mainly through bookstores like MPH, TIMES as we usually visit bookstore once a month to explore new books together. As for activities books, Popular & Book Excess (at Amcorp Mall) has quite some a variety of selections at reasonable price.

      I shall be sharing more book reviews later, so do stay tuned..