Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tutorial: Cute Animal Towel Pillow Case (可爱小动物枕头套)

Does your little one has a favorite pillow? Mine has their pirate theme pillows and Peter Pan bedding set made by mommy few months ago, but as we'll be spending a night at grandpa's house this CNY, I decided to sew my little ones towel pillow that is suitable for traveling used.

Here's how the mommy-designed pillow case looks like..

Why use towel? Well, it's soft, comfortable, and as I planned to have an animal face design on the pillowcase, towel provides a good fluffy touch akin soft toy. Of course you may used quilting cotton or other cushion materials, but since I have leftover from the hooded towel I made earlier, they came in just handy. Besides,my little boy has this habit of rubbing his favorite hanky during bedtime, so I sewn on a piece of his favorite hanky as the "tummy", that made him really really excited and I don't have to search for his hanky in the dark anymore, it's definitely a win-win situation for us.

This 1 page pictorial tutorial says it all. Only 3 simple steps to create a really cute and cuddly pillow case for your little darling. :)

I planned the design first on my idea book..

Cut the towels and felt, assembled them according to the design.. I added the pink ears for extra cutie points :)

Wa-la, all done and ready to be cuddled!

My little boy is so in loved with his new pillow case that he hugged it to sleep the very first night after I gave it a wash. One hand on his favorite hanky and one hand hugging the pillow.

The pillow case for my bunny girl was just completed last night and now hanging dry in the back yard. I shall upload the pic later. It has same design with slight twist only. Hope she loves it as much as the little brother..

Wait a minute.. Here it is, the baby girl version bunny pillow case is done. The baby bunny girl and little rat pillows are ready to accompany my duo into dreamland...

In fact, both of them love their new pillow cases so much that they hugged them to sleep every night. These pillows now doubled up as their soft toys too, pretty handy huh..

Now, we are so ready to sleep over anywhere! :)

Interested to make one?
You need the following material:
- 1/2 yard of towel / quilting cotton (1 normal length towel is more than enough to make 2 kid pillows)
- sewing machine and matching color threads.
- some felts or fabric scrap for the facial expression design.
- a pair of scissors
- some sewing pins
- 2 buttons for the open edge (optional)

Happy crafting, if you happened to make one, do feel free to share the photos! :)



效果还不错吧? :)





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