Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tutorial: Floral Place Mat (自制花型桌垫)

Yay, the last of my Chinese New Year home improvement project is done! Here is it, the floral place mat for the dining table, this is now the centerpiece of the dining area, matching with the seat covers.

How to Make This?
I was just experimenting and used my own method of making this place mat, its just a simple tutorial here. I'm sure there are other better techniques out there somewhere, but feel free to use this as a guide. :)

1. I used 3 different types of material as you can see here:

Top layer - floral print thick cotton
Middle - single layer of batting
Bottom layer - plain thick cotton

2. Using sewing pins, pin all the 3 layers in place, then cut out the desired shape.

3. Now, start quilting beginning from outer most layer, with about 1" between each line. This is to avoid the place mat to bump up which will not be ideal for placing stuff on top.

4. Finally, sew the lining using a matching bias tape. I used white satin bias tape here to outline the shape of the place mat.

Now I understand why most place mats only comes in circle or square shape, this floral shape took me so long to get the perfect lining! Or perhaps it's because I am still newbie in sewing therefore I find it challenging :)

The top surface. Looks like beautiful mountain tracks.

The bottom layer. I used contrasting red thread to highlight the lines in orde to create some pattern. No fantastic but better than leaving it plain white :)

You can opt to use different fabric here to achieve double sided effect, but I have ran out of suitable thick cotton fabric due to my recent extensive sewing *grining*

I'm loving my dining table now!

This is complimented with a set of matching floral chair seat and coasters, I'm glad I bought the extra yardage. Check them all out ;-)

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