Thursday, February 21, 2013

My VIP Seat (Dress Up an old IKEA Chair)

I have been making quite a lot of clothes for my little ones and completed several home improvement projects like the seat covers, place mat etc. Finally, it's time to make something for myself.

Here it is, my VIP seat. With 2 tiny yellow *stars*

It's just a home deco cotton cover that I custom made to cover up my old IKEA chair where I do my craft and office work at home. The PVC had peeled off hence it was quite a sorry sight.

Finally, sorry no more. It's now looking pretty and proud in its sporty red stripes :)

I used Velcro tapes for the sides for easy wear on. I gave the cover a wash after sewing then only sewn on the Velcro tape, this ensure it fits on neatly as the fabric may shrinks a little after first time washing.

I made a pocket for the base so the cover will fit on nicely. It's about 6" in depth so will not drop out easily.

The before and after picture. Now I can work like a VIP, yay!

No tutorial available this time as it was really a trial-and-error attempt. However, if you are keen to give it a try, you need 1 meter of thick cotton or home decor grade textile and approximate 1 meter of Velcro tape. I used felt and bias tapes for the decoration but that is really optional if you have a beautiful prints on the fabric.

Alternative option for Velcro tapes is to use snap on buttons, they shall look really cute too.

Have fun, be crafty!

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