Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fun Painting with Okra!

We had okra (or commonly known as lady's fingers) for dinner earlier and I kept one aside while cooking, for this - free style painting, or more like stamping with this little veggie. :)

I cut it into 3 chunks, and let my little boy mixed the colors as he wish in the palette. With only 3 different colors - blue, yellow, orange, we created a beautiful maze made of various pentagons. 

Well... I'll be honest. It was just random stamping by both of us and after trying to figure out something that make sense out of the random stampis, I managed to convert it into a maze. Hehe. So, after I cahllended my little boy to complete the maze, which he did effortless and proudly announced its just too easy. :)

Anyway, we had fun and it's quite an interesting piece of art. :)

I would have used celery stems too unfortunate we have ran out of it, perhaps next time. You may also try out potato which allow freestyle stamping.

Psss.. You can choose to make your own homemade paint in case you are concern on safety hazard for your little ones. I found this simple recipe from, looks really easie peasie!

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