Friday, May 31, 2013

Me & Mini-Me Series: Pretty Mermaid in Blue!

I have always like blue color since young, I thought its a cool color; navy blue to be precise. My wardrobe has never been short of blue colors, so does my little captain's. 

I found this soft blue stripy nylon fabric when I was visiting a local fabric store for some lining fabric. After keeping it on the shelf for few weeks, I finally converted it into this Me & Mini-Me set.

Here they are..

For my sweetie pie, I made her this Little Mermaid Dress by giving it an elastic band on top and creamy blue tulle at the bottom. Lets hope it will look sweet on her! And the little blue bow-knot hairpin I made earlier surely come handy.. :)

The shoulder strap is button-on so can be easily adjusted to fit her height. Gesh, how fast our kids grow, with this design it shall last her for at least a year or more. *grin*

The creamy blue tulle that gives the mermaid effect...

As for mommy, I have a simple wrap-over top. I came out with this design so I don't need  to use a zip (believe it or not, I have yet to try sewing zip yet >.<) and I thought this adds a designer feel to the blouse. I wore it to work and none of my colleague could tell its a homemade piece. *hehe*


A self portrait. Never thought I would be wearing my own handmade one day! 

Thanks for stopping by, if you have mommy-daughter set too, feel free to share with me & the readers of this blog! 

Till later, bye peeps!

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