Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tutorial: Easy Felt Art Project

We are up to a little craft project again this week, this time it's playing with felt. Look what we've created?

A smiling star..
A happy sun...
A friendly cloud..
And a joyous moon..

On a moody day where Mr Cloud cries and Mr Sun got upset...

All set for a little puppet show or just to be hang as ornament. My little Captain was so excited to help me execute this task, after all its rather simple so I certainly welcome his participation.

The making is so easy. These are the materials you will need:
• Some felt
• Some cotton batting 
• A pair of scissors 
• Fabric glue 
• Thick thread or strings for hanging 
• Needle and threads in matching colors

The Tutorial:

1. Cut a pair of felt into your desired shape.

2. Put some glue around the edges, place some batting in the middle and press another piece of felt onto it to glue both pieces into 1.

3. Decorate your ornament. For the sun, I cut some zigzags around the circular shape to resemble sun ray, then use a marker pen to draw the facial expression. 

4. Using a sewing machine or just needle and thread, sew along the edges to secure the joints. Sew on the string or thread now to finish it off. 

That's it, simple craft that allows endless imagination. :)

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