Saturday, August 3, 2013

Re-make of an IKEA Chair Cover

Remember I made a VIP Cover for my old IKEA chair few months back, to cover up all the ugly PVC that had peeled off from the old chair? You may check it out here.

Well, my girl friend really liked it so I made one for her too, but the challenge is, she only bought 1 yard of fabric while my first version was made with 1.5 yards. 

Anyway, challenge overcame. I changed the design from using Velcro to tie knots. Turned out pretty alright albeit not perfect.

I added a little crown for the back of the chair, to make this her throne. Let's hope her hub doesn't mind. :)

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  1. love ur idea to 循环物品。。提醒了我,家里的椅子表面虽有一点点的污垢或破损,只要动动脑筋就可以让它重生了! :)

    1. 是的;DIY的好处之一就是可以改造改良创新。不求完美,实用为上。加油!