Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Bottomless Diaper Bag for A Trendy Mom! 手制摩登妈咪包包

Finally, I've completed it! A trendy looking  Diaper bag for my own used for the weekends.

We used to carry a hard shell Simple Dimple diaper bag around, it is hardy and spacious, can fit lots of stuff inside but after 4 years of continuous using (or should I say, abuse?), it has finally gave in to wear and tear. After numerous shopping trips and scouting around for a decent mommy bag, either too kiddy looking or too pricey or too large/small, I finally decided to design one for myself that is tailor-made  to fulfill my requirements.

What's my requirements? Well, the bag must be:
  • TRENDY, so it does not looks like a diaper bag
  • SPACIOUS, that I can put my duo's items in there
  • POCKETS, yes, lots of pockets for easy storage cause I hate to have things falling out.

And I gladly declare that I passed my own requirements. :)

I choose the same light grey floral fabric used for making the cushion last week. Love the elegant feel of the prints.

The front look - it has 3 spacious pockets in front, outlined with a bright yellow piping. I added a leather bucket in the middle for a neat look.

A pair of padded & re-enforced handles. I added the coffee buttons for that classic look.

Now, the interesting bit that I am really proud of - a large internal compartment with lots of side pockets for putting all the baby stuff!

I have tried to fill up the following items into the bag (and in fact there is still room for more):
Thermos, milk bottle, 2 Bros water bottles, 2 clean diapers & changing pad, some cream & med tubes, 1 kid cutlery set, 4 sets of kids changing clothes, hankie, bib.. Its unbelievable that this bag  can fit so much things in there! Now you see why I call this a bottomless bag? *wink*

Here's a picture as proof..

Test wearing time. I'm glad it did not disappoint me. *phew*

Took it out for a park visit with my duo, love the leisure look of this bag.

So, what does it took to produce this bag?
1 large table cloth...
3 late nights sewing...
and all these make 1 Happy Mom!

Oh, and how can I forgot to mention, my very own personal brand label.. Pea Hatch!  Looking good on the inner top of the bag. :)

That's all folks, thanks for stopping by, feel free to tell me what you think of this bag. 


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