Saturday, August 10, 2013

Little Owl Tunic Dress for my lovely Baby 宝贝的小小猫头鹰裙子

I had always like owl prints, I can't explain why, perhaps it's the little fat and round figure, perhaps it's the fact that they are night creatures like me. I don't know, i just like them. I have been on the hunt for owly fabric for a while till I finally managed to get 1.5 yard of these colorful owls on a black background. Not cheap, I mind you, but I like them hence the price doesn't matter. :)

I decided to make a new dress for my little girl again (despite grandma warned that she had way too many dresses for her age!). Something that will show case the cute owls. And I found this nice Black Bird Tunic pattern from Shwin & Shwin. It looks so simple and cute that I knew I just have to make it.

After spending 2 hours on the machine, I finally had it done. Could have got it done faster if not because I had to negotiate with my machine on the button hole. For some reasons it took me 3 trials to finally got it right. Somewhat disappointed with myself on that. :(

But I'm glad it turned out well. I have enough reserve fabric on the sides to have it expanded to cater for her future growth. So this cute little dress is definitely here to stay!

It's modeling time...

Some how all the smiley shots were blur... 

It's exciting to see the little one looking good in own's handmade. That satisfaction, is what money can't buy. :)

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