Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Venture... Never Too Late to Try

I am up to something new recently.

As most of you probably already knew, I'm a working mom who normally works rather long hours. I decided to take a career break recently to attend to some matters at home, after all, we all work hard to give our family a good and comfort life, so it's utmost important to ensure the family are well taken care off instead of just focus on the career, right?

Anyway, all the necessary is done and I am a temporary stay-at-home-mom with two kiddos now.

Taking advantage of this precious window, I have setup an online store to feature some of my handmade for the kids, it's a little store called Pea Hatch. I thought this will allow me to get my sewing bugs fed while sharing my handmade with others who appreciate craft works

I don't know if the store will be well received by the public, I definitely do not target to compete with the many online stores selling kids clothing from China, Korea that aim at the mass market. For me, it's about having a dream and making it happen. It makes me happy to see others wearing or using a piece of Pea Hatch. :)

Anyway, here's the latest sewing project I was working on for my little girl, a new toddler bed cot sheet. The fabric is too sweet to resist and my girl really liked it when she saw it. She starred at it for a while and finally said, "咦,美美", which means beautiful. That's enough for me. :)

She had some fun time on the cot.

Do drop by the store for a visit at, who knows you might find something you like (opps, commercial time, sorry... :P)

Thanks for stopping by, I promise next post will be real fun stuff with the little ones!

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