Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Playtime... Cooking time! (a.k.a Masak-masak)

Since I have been cooking dinner daily now, keeping my duo occupied while I am busy in the kitchen is quite a challenge, was, to be correct. My little girl loves to stick to me like a baby koala  and often tries to pull me out of the kitchen.

So, one fine day, I decided to give them a set of cooking utensils. Not the playset you buy from stores, but real ones from my kitchen. They really love their cooking set and can play for 30-60 minutes without requiring my company. We'll, I just have to pretend eating the imaginary food they serve me. :) 

Random picks - a tray, mini rolling pin, mini whisk, plastic plates, cutleries, spatula, bowls, containers, salt & pepper mills and one paper board stove, made out of an discarded cardboard box. Nothing breakable, no small parts, so is absolutely safe for them,

These are mostly extra equipments from my kitchen, just ideal to keep them occupied as they will pretend to cook while I'm cooking the real stuff. 

The stove we made together. It's single hod with 3 level of heat selection (using scrap paper from the packaging). And when turned over, it functions as a storage box too, so we can easily keep all the utensils and cutlery within the box. 

The stove is named after my little handsome. Little one always love a little personalization, but then again, who doesn't like to feel special?

The duo having a yogurt break after playing with their masak-masak (this is what Malaysian calls a cooking toys). They both have an apron each too.

Next, I'm going to make an oven with my duo once I can find a bigger cardboard box, so they can "bake" cakes and cookies. Maybe if I have that extra time, we can even build a kid size kitchenette. We shall see. 

Simple DIY / recycle toys with absolutely no extra cost. Who says kid's toys have to be costly?

{Updated} Instead of kitchenette set, we made a cardboard washing machine instead.

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  1. Haha, this is coincidentally the theme for October's Little Paper Crate box! Let us know if you want a sample box to complete Ethan's stove with, will gladly send you one for your support the other day :)

    1. Thanks Eleanor! This is one long overdue post but finally decided to post it the day after the Little Paper Crate event so I can prepare the next post (and you can guess what it will be about :)

      We will be most delight to have a box of the goodies, as I have yet to find time to make complete their cooking set!