Saturday, February 22, 2014

Me & Mini Me: Super Simple Cowl Neck & Sweetheart Top #addicted-to-sewing#

Lately, I have slowed down on making baby dress for my princess C. Apart from the fact that work load has picked up, she has way too many clothes in her closet. Well, it's a closet shared by her and the little Captain, but her clothes occupied 2/3 of the space, and 90% of which are all mommy-made clothes. Ho Ho, that makes me feel good.

Anyway, I am selective on making dress for her now that the closet is running out of space. But for Mini Me series, I will always make space for it!

I found some stretchable jersey fabric recently and decided to make some pants for baby C. That 1.5 yard of fabric has been put into full used and I'll show you why. 

The super simple Cowl Neck Tops for mommy & mini me. I saw a picture of a similar design when I was browsing at night and just started cutting the fabric right away. No pattern, pure instinct-driven. :)

My little girl roaming happily in her new top and a matching heart shape jeans.

I can even wear my cowl top for work. Bonus!

My baby C get a special pink tulle heart from mommy, hence the name, Sweetheart Top. I just cut 4 layers of the pink tulle, pink them onto the fabric and sew along the heart shape. No hemming required.

I also made a matching little pants for my girl with a simple pattern I have drafted (since I planned to make a lot of these to match her dresses). When I have the time I promise I'll share the tutorial. It's really a 15 minutes project, suitable for beginner.

Love the fabric, it's so light and airy, I hardly sweat even when getting outdoor with the duo. I shall buy more in different colors to make more tops and dresses for myself :)

  I simply love designing & sewing my own fashion. Anyone out there who too are addicted to sewing like me? (hands up please!)

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