Sunday, February 16, 2014

7 Fun Indoor Activities for the Little Ones

Trapped at home on a rainy morning or hot afternoon with energetic kids? Here are some activities you can do to keep the little ones occupied without messing around and without.using.any.eletrocnic.gadget. These are tested and proven with my duo who seem to be powered by super charged dynamos that last forever. (Thanks to that I managed to loose all the extra weight put up during my both pregnancies!)

Hide 'n Seek

This is one universal game that is suitable for nearly all ages and almost all kids love it.

When my little girl was still a crawling baby, I would hide behind the curtain or underneath the blanket for her to find me. She will hunt for me with a happy "boo!" or "pee-ka-boo!" sound whenever she found me. Now that they are older and can run around freely, we play the real hide 'n seek around the house. The seeker has to close the eyes while counting from 1 to 10, and the rest have to find a hiding spot. I usually take my own sweet time to count as slow as possible when I need to catch a break, and trust me, finding them is not that difficult, but they love it when I pretend to look high and low, I can hear them giggling behind the door, between the curtains, under table and just can't wait to be found.

Kids love it... and the mommy too!

Infinite Doodling (well, almost..)

All you need is a large roll of paper and some crayons or color pencils, and that's enough to keep your little ones entertained for as long as they can draw! When friends came over to visit, I rolled out the paper and gave each kids few crayons, they just sat around the roll and let their creativity flow wild.

Don't throw away the paper after drawing. Turn them to the reverse side and more doodling to go! Even after recycling, don't throw it away! Take some times to admire their artwork and let them explain to you what they have drawn. Although my Captain E is drawing stickman most of the time, his attention to detail and motion illustration has improved vastly since I first introduced him to drawing.

You can get the giant roll from IKEA for only RM19.90. I even used these paper for my dress pattern cutting, how convenient!

Word Hunt or Letter Hunt

I kept the alphabet and number magnets we bought from Toy 'R Us in small buckets. When the duo are bored, we just randomly select some magnets and place them onto a baking pan (choose one with a raise edge so the letters won't fall out), the sibling gets 1 pan each. I then give my boy a challenge to hunt the word in the fastest time. For my baby C, I just asked her to find me the letter instead. 

I gave little captain idea on how to play by just changing, throwing or adding 1 letter at a time, he likes this so much as it's like a magic to him. Just imagine from pan -> pen -> hen -> ten -> then....  Soon he just happily spell out more and more words by himself. Indirectly I tricked him into practicing his spelling without him even realising he is learning. (evil mommy I know... but learning the fun way is most effective!)

Word Hunt in action....

Made it with Play-Doh

My duo are crazy about playdoh, this is the one toy that they can freely roll, cut, stamp, build anyway and make into anything they like.

I usually give them a place mat each to work on their playdoh and after playing they will have to clean up after their own mess. To spice up the fun, give them some accessories like pom pom, giggling eyes etc, just watch and see what they create. 

Checkout how to prepare your own cheap & safe homemade playdoh here.

Pretended Cooking Time (aka Masak-Masak)

Some how young toddlers like to do grown-up stuff, it makes them feel good about themselves and sense of achievement. I keep a bag of the cooking toys, cutlery, wooden cut vegetables and a self-made stove using cardboard. My duo can play cooking as I prepare meal, and it is another ideal game when little children get-together. I had 3 girls busy cooking and serving up "food" while the mommies were happily chatting.

And says who that boys cannot play with masak-masak? Learning to cook is an essential living skill that any teenagers should learn as the first step towards independence. So it's really no excuse that boys shouldn't cook.

Check out this little cardboard stove we made sometimes back using a modem cardboard box.. absolutely zero cost.

Lego Fun!

Lego... Duplo... Expensive as they may be, they are ideal to instill endless possible creations with these little blocks. Give the duo a platform each and they can build me wonders... or nonsense. But so long they had fun, why not? 
Here's the Laputa (City in the sky) that we built together on one lazy Sunday. You can check out other Lego creations herehere or oppss, another post is still under construction.

Secret Box 

When all attempt failed, this is my final weapon.. the Secret Box!!! I prepared loads of square cut papers, wrote a mission on each of them and draw some cute drawing on the other side then toss them all in a box (noticed the cute dino? pardon my amateur drawing skill....). I let the kiddo pick one card each and they have to execute their secret mission stated on the card. I gave them simple mission so it's within their ability, for example:
  • Treasure hunt... find me a green truck / little puppy in the house!
  • Sing a Song / Do a Dance... sing twinkle twinkle little star super fast, or what about do a robot dance? They learnt that from Hi-5.
  • Random math question.. when 2 cats met 2 dogs, how many animals are there? You have 5 apples but papa ate 2, how many more apple left?
  • Silly riddle... I have 4 wheels 4 doors and I move around in a vroom vroom noise. What am I?

The kiddos looooooove this game as they do not know what to expect and they love the surprises. This game never failed to save my day especially when I needed a rest badly.

Need More Idea?

Indeed there are other indoor activities that you can consider, like painting with vegetables, water color painting,  story timemaking a snake with toilet rolls, making paper cut art, making shoe box dollhouse, more card box craft or even growing a plant?But such activities are depending or individual so choose according to your kiddo's liking. These are the activities that my little ones really love but only you know your kiddos best. *wink*

That's all. They may be simple activities but sufficient to bring endless joy to the little ones and there is really no reason they shall complain staying home is boring. Feel free to give your comment here as I truly appreciate idea sharing!

Happy parenting!

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