Saturday, February 1, 2014

Little Red Dress for my Bunny Girl {CNY Special} 自制新年小红裙

I though I would  not be sewing during this CNY period, as we are away from our home for days to visit the in law and my parents and I'm not crazy enough to bring my machine with me. But some how, the crafty bugs got onto me and I just could not resist the idea of making just one new dress for my little bunny when I saw how much she likes her little Hello Kitty in red hood.

So I made her this little red dress, using leftover satin fabric and cotton lining at my in law's; thanks to my sister in law's Singer.

Smooth satin red with golden belt, looking stunning under the sun.

The back, with a big golden bow.

This was a really a spontaneous craft, no pattern no measurement, and I'm glad it works out well and no fabric wasted.

I would have made her a matching hood, just like the kitty, or the real Little Red Riding Hood, but with our kind of super hot weather all year long, I guess we'll hardly get to wear the hood on for her and end up collecting dust in the closet. So, let's forget about it (for now).

Noticed the matching gold button too?

I made the button using the toolkit I bought from Daiso, the popular 5 Dollar Shop, and I must say its a good choice. I have a perfectly matching button with the dress, yay!

This is the toolkit I used.

This is the little Hello Kitty who inspired me. I skipped the apron, since satin fabric is not exactly ideal for making apron, and the bow too, thought it's not too matching with this design.. And I turned the button to the back. It looks totally different now huh *laugh*, I shall make another one with cotton fabric next time.

Can't wait to put this dress on my little bunny girl, this will be her surprise when she wakes up... 

Alright, time to get ready for our visit to my hometown. 

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates this auspicious spring festival, where families get together, little children get to collect lots of red packets and  crafty bugs continue to be fed. *grin*

I'm addicted to sewing, I know. And I'm not seeking treatment. LOL.

Happy crafting!

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