Saturday, November 8, 2014

Painting Fun.... Of Colors & Brushes

Little ones and I have been painting again lately. I have stopped it for the past few months as my little girl can be quite a messy queen and leave behind a huge scene for me. Not that she is any less messier now but at least she will take instructions better and know how to clean up after herself and tidy up the 'crime scene', so I decided to start the weekend painting / crafting routine.

I shopped for some new paint brush to teach my little handsome the different brushing techniques which I could still vaguely recall. I attended drawing classes ages ago, when I was still a primary schooler myself. 

We setup the table and tools, and they could not wait to get started. To avoid fighting, each have their own set of water colors and palette. I used the disposable kitchen tower we bough from the RM5 shop to dap the brush, very absorbent and no washing required afterward! 

For little C, I let her paint on pre-printed A4 papers while for E who's already 5.5 years old, I let him draw on the drawing paper and choose his own colors. I then guided him how to make use of the different brushes like how my art teacher used to guide me..

• Round point - used for strokes, lines and coloring large objects
• Liner brush - for fine lines,detailing and outlining
• Flat - for creating texture effect like wood, water, grass, clouds.

Unfortunately my little boy had much shorter patience than me, after spending a min listening he showed me that bored face and couldn't wait to start painting right away. LOL, I love to annoy him sometimes, privilege of a mom. *evil laugh*

The result? To my surprise they are bad at all. I love their use of colors, bold and eye catchy.

Painting by my little E. I love those multi-colored trees and the multi-level super market (it's not a tower as he claimed its too small to be one). I helped him on some of the objects in order to explain the different brushing technique, but the choice of colors was solely his. Can you tell which cloud was mine or his creation? 

Painting by little C. This is the 3rd of her painting and she has finally learnt to control the paint brush better without smudging too hard till the paper is torn. That is one big improvement if you ask me.I don't care so much if she colors within the line, or use the "logical" color of the object. Just want to let her express her creativeness and enjoy the fun of painting. After all this is her artwork, not mine. I think she deserves a star for this piece. :)

It's a fruitful 60 minutes spent and I honestly look forward for the next weekend..

Happy Sunday!

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