Saturday, November 22, 2014

Little Pirate Princess Party... Cake decorating!

My little girl turns 3 years old this week and I've organized a small picnic party with some closed friends, just few of us, our little ones and some finger foods. It's a day for the kiddos to have a fun, nothing fancy but hopefully it will be a memorable day.

I sketched out my master plan, it pretty much sum up my plan, from cake design to pirate dress to party game. I have rediscovered my interest in drawing again since I have been drawing and painting with my kiddos often nowadays.

The birthday clothes were done some times ago. I spared few hours each Sunday in the month of November so no last minute rush this time. See, I am making it as a tradition that I will tailor make new clothes and design a cake for my duo every birthday, that translates to plenty of work for poor me. 

You can check out my little girl's pirate dress here 
Or the little brother's pirate top here 

And today, finally, I got the cake and cuppies done too.

Little Pirate Princess Cake & Cuppies

Fully designed and hand crafted. Combined both fondant and buttercream techniques this time, feeling rather happy with my little improvement. Hmm, just realized this is my 5th attempt at cake decorating in 3 years. No wonder I am progressing so slowly.

Hello, princess.

My little C really loved her cake & cuppies. Kept asking me, "you made this for me, mommy? You made this for me?". 

Yes baby, I made this for you. Mommy will continue to make your birthday cake every year till it comes the time I have to stop. 

The making of the figurine, I used a spaghetti to hold the body in place, so the whole figurine is actually edible. 

Noticed the change in the eyes? I found I have made them a bit too big and looking kind of creepy, so had them replaced with smaller pair of eyes. Good thing of decorating with fondant is that it's rather forgiving.

The naked cake, and the simple decorated cake before all the toppings. These are actually simple piping using star tips, after last round of practice I'm pretty confident with piping now. 

As you can see, there are quite a lot of tools and preparation involved (the pictures below only showing a quarter of them), so do be generous with your cake decorator.. It's really quite some hard work there. *wiping my sweat*

Cuppies decoration in progress.

I know the cake and cuppies are simple in compare to what you can get from the professionals, but these are guaranteed fresh, healthier (reduced sugar, quality ingredient) and most importantly, full of mommy's love. In fact my little ones get to participate in the making and they were playing with the left over fondant as if those were playdoh.

By the way, did you noticed the little boat behind the figurine? It's a tiny boat full of roses and lilies for the pretty princess. :)

So, what's next? Games for the park are packed, picnic gears ready, party bags for the little friends ready, all that is left is some jelly and oh, pray for a great sunny day tomorrow! ❤️

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