Sunday, November 2, 2014

{Halloween Special} Adventure Time!

Our neighbour organized a Halloween Party this year and invited all kids to join. Although it is not in our culture to celebrate Halloween, the kids could not wait to join the Treat or Trick so I thought, well, I sure would love them to have some fun with the other kids.

After looking around for Halloween costumes in the malls, I was rather disappointed. Either there are mostly vampire outfits for the adult, or pretty costumes for girls, but not much cool choices for boys and I'm not fancy to dress him like a ghost. So I decided to make one for him, it has to be something as this has been a busy month for me. and as we were watching his favourite cartoon, I got the idea...

What time is it? It's Adventure Time!

My little E adores Finn the human who is brave, smart and a loyal friend to Jake the dog. So when I asked if he would like to dress up as Finn for the Halloween party, he immediately replied me "YES!!!", clear and loud.

So, Finn it is!

My little Finn is ready to slay some monsters.

After no avail of purchasing a plain blue shirt for him (and I thought that should be easy!), I made one using Big Guy's Polo shirt that he has not been wearing for years. 30 minutes cheat job, even the pants was re-purposed from daddy's old Nike pants which I happened to have a tutorial on this some times ago, check it out here!

The polo T as it's last seen..

Complete with the backpack, he put it on as soon as I shown him the completed bagpack and refused to put it down until shower time. He's definitely loving this bagpack. :)

Big Guy made him a wooden sword complete with a red gem, just like Finn's sword! 

Look at the sparkling gem stone.. The second sword is for the cousin who is little E's best buddy too.

Lucky Little E that daddy spent so much time on making his dream comes true. I have no doubt that he is the happiest kid on the block that night.

I had no idea hat Finn is apparently a big thing among the kids, almost every kids and teenagers we bumped into were amazed.. 

"Look, it's Finn the human!!" 
"you're so cute!"
"can we take a picture with Finn?"

Little E was so popular beyond expectation.. He was shy at first but gratefully accepted the compliments and even posed with anyone that came forth. 😄

My little C was not forgotten, she got to be the Princess Bubblegum. In her tutu costume she wore during her preschool concert.she was not keen to dress up so I  shed off the thought to make her a pink hat. No picture taken of her as it was all too dark.

Instead of pumpkin-o-lantern, we made a cardboard house lantern  instead. Painted by E and assisted by me. 

Simple pumpkin smileys for our front door decoration, another handmade project by the duo. It's really nothing compared to the elaborated decoration of our neighbors. :P

As we were invited to the party at our neighbour's haunted house,  I made some "scary" jelly to bring along. Lego men trapped in the pool. Scary? ;)

The prep. The white blocks were using fresh milk and the brown lego men were added with cocoa powder. Only 2 drops of yellow and red coloring was used for the entire batch.

So, are you interested to custom made the Finn Hat too? Here's how.

Finn's Hat

Crafting Time: 45 minutes
Skilled Level: Beginner
What you need:

  • 1/2 yard of white fleece or felt (for outer layer
  • 1/2 yard of cotton in contrasting color (for inner layer)
  • 1 matching button or a pair of snap buttons
  • thread in matching color
  • a pair of scissors 
  • a sewing machine 
  • a pattern, get it here, Brandy from the Doodah Kids generously shares the pattern & steps.

Finn's Backpack

And if you feel like making the green backpack too, there's a kewl tutorial available too (although I actually made mine free-hand)

Crafting Time: 30 minutes
Skilled Level: Beginner
What you need:

  • 1/2 yard of bright green fleece 
  • 1/2 yard of dark green fleece
  • thread in matching color
  • a pair of scissors 
  • a sewing machine
  • No pattern avail, please refer to instruction by Alex from Instructables. He has a pattern for Finn's Hat too!

Happy Halloween, hope you had a fun time with your little ones too..

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