Sunday, November 23, 2014

{Birthday Special} So My Little C Turned 3, Happy 3

We celebrated the 3yo birthday for my little C back in November, I finally got the time to process some of the photos for sharing.

It was supposed to be a picnic party, but due to the gloomy weather we had to switch to celebrating in our home instead. Most of the toys and games I've prepared for playing at the park gone wasted, but nonetheless we still had an enjoyable times with the little kids and friends. Thanks to all the super sporty mommies and daddies!

I am not a perfectionist mom, so I have no problem with a less-than-perfect party without matching theme decoration. We just some balloons, lots of wonderful food, a beautiful birthday cake and a bunch of happy kiddos. That is all I would ask for. :)

To begin with.. the Little Pirate birthday cake, a joint creation of mommy and her elder brother. You may read more about the cake and the making here.

I made some blue sea jellies too. There were many other great food brought by the mommies like homemade nuggets, Hokkaido milk buns etc, but I forgot to snap picture. Yicks!

As you can imagine we were busy making sure that everyone and every kids were under control, not easy to contain 8 minors in a small living hall.

Little C couldn't wait to blow the candle even before we finished singing her birthday song, and look how hard the brother had to try to save the candle... LOL. 

Btw, have you noticed the matching sibling attires? Check them out here (happy pirate top for E) and here (this one for the pirate princess).

To respect the privacy of other kids and mommies, I am not sharing the group / individual photos here. So, please pardon me.

Pressie time. She was oh-so-happy!

Thanks for the handmade felt puzzles, Shirl. And look at the special pirate ship bag, Shirl is one creative mom!

The craft set with ice cream sticks, Ashley really understands my duo and how they love crafting.. The very first ice cream sticks picture frame created by the siblings with little help from mommy (to find them the pegs)

Now, now.. Here's the dream gift for my little C -- a magical kitchen set complete with stove, oven and all the cooking utensil! The duo had been busy "cooking" for me ever since.. A big thank you to mommy Stephanie, Elizabeth and Kelly!

Folded up as a stove only. It's like a transformer.

Tired of eating pretended food several days later, we decided to start designing our own custom menu.. This was the first of our creative menu. C has the most interesting idea - what on Earth is a Potato Volcano? I have absolutely no idea, my job was just to write it down. :)

For next day celebration with her classmates at the preschool, we made these ombré Cuppies in different shade of pastel pink and purple, simple design with reduced sweetness for the little ones. The little ones had fun helping me to drop the sprinkles.

The cuppies are ready for delivery!

I reused the fondant figurine for the birthday cake to bring to school with a freshly baked cake and cuppies. Aren't they looking lovely? :)

Happy birthday my little Sunshine, Pirate Princess, Little Bunny, Sweetie Pie. Mommy will never stops loving you, and may God continue to bless you abundantly.


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