Friday, May 9, 2014

{Handmade} A Little Boy's Wallet

As we were reading a story about Mr Bill, the Concept of Money, as part of our usual bedtime routine, my little handsome asked if he can have a wallet, just like the elder sibling in the story who brought her money from the piggy bank with her to buy a birthday gift for the daddy. He was deeply interested to know that money can be used in exchange for bus service, for ice cream, present etc, and he was actively counting as we read from page to page. I have to agree that being a 5 years old now, it's about time he shall has a little boy's wallet.

So, after putting the duo to sleep, I made him this wallet.

Using the cute numbers fabric I bought nearly a year ago. Just perfect for a wallet... 

I had choosen plain blue and grey Polk-a-dot for the internal compartments. There is some smaller compartments for storing his coins too.

And of course a large compartment for the notes.

Added my personal label and a charm that says "made with love". Ah... Now this is definitely unwise and one of a kind! 

Made a matching button to keep his notes secure. :)

He was totally surprised and smiling cheek to cheek when he saw this little wallet the next morning, it's worth the effort to just to see his happy face.

He immediately asked for some notes and coins to fill up the wallet. A proud owner, he is. A proud designer, I am. :)

Oh, did I mentioned the small compartment in the middle is designed to fit one small pen or pencil? Only for little ones.

I shall post a tutorial later.  It's quite a bit of steps but really not too difficult, just that I will need some time to organise the photos and write up a proper tutorial. Unfortunately time is a rare commodity to me.

So, stay tuned! ;)

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