Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Handmade Booties for Little Walker 手织小童布鞋

My little girl has been crawling on all 4 swiftly since she was 8 months old, at 10 months old now she is learning to walk by holding onto something for support. I decided to sew her a pair of booties that are comfortable so she can learn to walk at ease, and in style.

After 2 hours of hard work, this is the outcome. It's light (so she won't sweats under our warm weather), pretty looking (took me a while to plan the the color combination), unique (I'm certain you can't find the same pair elsewhere) and most importantly, it's full of mommy's TLC.. :)

My first ever handmade booties >:)

"Take us for a walk, will you?"

The back view, I really like these little pink daisies..

I slipped them onto her feet in the morning and I was just excited beyond words to see her exploring around our house in this little red bunny booties. :)

Now I'm ready to make more colorful booties for her to match her cloths... Yay!

Latest Updates..
A week later, I finally find the time to make more walking shoes for baby Claire, click here to check them out :)

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