Friday, November 9, 2012

Sail the Sea Bedding for Little Captain (It's Peter Pan!)

When I was a kid, Peter Pan was one of the stories that I really liked. The lovely Tinker Bell fairy, the Neverland where you forever stay as a kid, the naughty captain Hook, the tick-tocking crocodile who swallowed a clock, and most importantly, little Peter Pan who will never grow old. I once dreamt of a flying pirate ship that took me sailed through the starry night sky.

Those were memory of long ago.

However, thanks to the recent Disney cartoon series, Jack and the Neverland Pirates, my little boy too developed fond interest in pirate and pixie dust, so I decided to make him a "Sail the Sea" bedding set to make bedtime more fun.

I have consciously looked out for sailing and pirate fabrics, after having collected what I needed, I started making the pillows, the quilt... And hopefully next is the bed sheet.

So here it is, the Sailing theme Bedding for my little Captain Ethan. For the comforter, I used different prints for both sides.

Top Print: Peter Pan & Captain Hook

Naughty captain Hook and the crocodile :)

Captain Hook vs Peter Pan!

The happy children...

Reverse Print: Pirate Ship Sails the Sea.

The front and back prints... Love them both :)

I referred to this tutorial by flosieteacakes on quilt making, however I simplified many of the steps as I used single piece of fabric instead of patch work, so it only took me about 2 hours to complete this piece. I used a total of 2 yard fabrics with cotton batting as insert. It's washable and definitely can last my little ones for several more years :)

The pirate themed pillows for my happy duo..

For Baby Claire...

For Captain Ethan..

I am in love with this bedding set, so is Ethan. When I showed him his new pillow and quilt the next morning (I do all my sewing at night), he was so happy and told me he loved them while wrapping himself with the new quilt. Instantly he pushed his old pillow and quilt aside. :)

It's such a wonderful feeling to see my little boy exploring his pillow (tracing the lines to search for the buried treasure), or searching for Peter Pan / Captain Hook on the comforter, hunting down the little crocodile during bedtime; bedtime is so fun and warm.

Peter Pan was one of my favorite childhood characters, by making this bedding set for my little boy who shared the same liking, it felt as if I have revived my childhood dream. *ready to enter into dream land...*

Interested to make one yourself?
I am using the Out To Sea fabric by Sarah Jane, she has the full range of themed textile that you can choose from and lots of her design to inspire you. As for the Peter Pan fabric, unfortunately the store that I bought from is already out of stock, so I am not sure where to source for it now... Have fun & if you ever made a bedding set similar to this for your little ones, feel free to share ya, it's wonderful to see other's loving craft! :)

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  1. Hi Pui Hua, may I know where you normally shop for your fabric. I love your choice of fabric :)

    Rachelle Woo

    1. I couldn't resist beautiful fabric :) this particular Peter pan fabric was bought thru, as for US designer fabric I ordered thought etsy, tons of choices but pricey mainly due to shipping charge.