Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fun Abacus Game with Cherios 小小算盘游戏

With 2 young toddlers, keeping them to sit still when having their breakfast seems like a mission impossible. Somehow my little girl always want to try her elder brother's portion and end up creating a mess or a frustrated baby.

So when I saw this idea while surfing, I though its worth a try, since all I need is some Wholemeal Cherios and Spaghetti.

It helps them to practice counting as well as work out the eye-hand coordination with small objects. It may seem easy to us adult, but its quite a challenge for the little fingers.

The elder brother was watching cartoon at first and finally couldn't resist to help up and eventually arranged all Cherios into each spaghetti sticks. :)

I quite like this game, it's simple, low cost and completely safe for little ones; just have to ensure you break the spaghetti sticks to shorter length.

Fun time can be simple and low cost.. Cheers!

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