Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little Explorer's Backpack! 小小探险家背包

Yay... Finally, the crafting project I was working on has completed!

Here I present to you, the Little Explorer's toddler backpack for my little boy. A bag of stars and outer space. Only for the little adventurer.

Little Explorer's Backpack for my little boy

As there are more school works from his preschool nowadays, the cute little monkey backpack bought by my good friend is a bit too small to fill all his books, so I decided to put my skill to test and make a full functional backpack for him. I am just glad it turned out alright after few nights of hardwork. *relief*

Since I am using denim fabric with tiny stars print, and he had recently learnt about the Milky Way and the stars and planets from his Junior Encyclopedia book, I thought of making him some rockets and planets. Seen here are Uranus, the beautiful blue planet with a ring and our beautiful Earth, made on his request. :)

"1, 2, 3, Blast Off!!"

The deep side pockets for his water bottle and pencil case on each side, fit just nicely.

I made 2 front pockets for his snack box and stationeries, and the great Explorer's name hidden underneath the backpack cover... He really loved this.

Ample space inside, I used his favorite heart print cotton for inner lining, and attached with more pockets. Pockets for pens, pencils, rulers or any tiny little things that he often brought back from school. They always come handy. :)

I made these adjustable shoulder straps for adjustable length and a hook for hanging. These little accessories took extra hours but are certainly useful to have to ensure maximum comfort and better back support.

My little Explorer couldn't wait to try out his new bag the moment he saw it in the morning.

Curiously exploring  the hidden magnetic snap on buttons on the opening.

I hope this bag will last him for a long long time, or at least until his primary school. I used all the proper materials this time - denim fabric, bag batting, canvas straps, metal buckles etc, took me sometimes to gather all the little accessories but they certainly ensure better durability.

Well, well... I have to admit, making this backpack is NOT EASY AT ALL and I'm glad I had successful completed it. I shall compile a tutorial soon but do give me some times, there are a lot of steps involved and will not be easy to explain them clearly.. To my surprise, while there are plenty of tutorials for tote bags, sling bags, messenger bags, there aren't much tutorial available on backpack. You can check out made-by-rae where she has a toddler backpack pattern for sell. I just designed my own style without using any pattern, call me stubborn but I like to test my limit. :)

Do feel free to drop a comment or enquiry below if you would like to know more.

Until then, ciao!

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