Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tutorial: Personalized Bunting for Kid's Room 特制小童彩旗

I have always wanted to do a bunting for my little boy's room, something that makes the room special to him. Unfortunately I either lack the time or there is always other things that pops up.

Excuse no more, I finally did it today with my little boy's help. It's just like another weekend art project we usually do together.

Doesn't it matches the white cabinets just perfectly? :)

The making is simple, only took us about 30 minutes and requires nearly zero cost. I certainly don't mind to make a few more for the fun of rotation.

Interested to make one? Just follow the steps below:

1. Gather some papers of different colors, and a bias tape of about 80cm long (adjust according to the desired width as per your cabinet)

2. Draw a triangle on a piece of paper, stack few pieces of papers together and cut all at one go. In my case, I only need 5 pieces of them.

3. Now here comes the fun part. Start decorating each pieces with market pens. Draw the letters, decorate with any patterns, stamps etc. Get your little one involved and watch his creativity flows.

My little boy happily drew the "a" and all the little balloons around it. Not perfect but this is for his room after all, so good to let him feel the ownership :)

Remember to use washable marker pen in case your LO stains his own hands or clothes.

4. Using a sewing machine, sew on each piece of triangle onto the bias tape in a straight line. You may opt to use glue or stapler, they should work just well.

5. Once you have sewn on all the pieces, hang it up using a transparent tape and you are done! :)

Love to see his name hanging high in his room. Oh and how he loves it too, he held his chin so high :)

Happy crafting!

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