Saturday, April 13, 2013

Apple of My Eyes, a Little Ruffled Dress 我的小苹果裙子

It's been a while since I last made a new dress for my little girl, the work had kept me busy. So I decided to make her something special this time.. What I called, the Apple of my Eyes.

It's a little tiered ruffled dress that can grow with my baby, who seems to grow a few inches every now and then without me realizing. :) It has an elastic chest band and button-on shoulder straps, so I'm certain that it can easily fits my little darling for the next 1-2 years.

The back view - I can do a straight strap on or cross strap for a little change. However I plan to change the buttons to the inner side of the dress instead, look neater that way.

Now let's zoom in on the fabric. Love the little apples and the polka-dots, don't they look so sweet? This eye catchy fabric, 100% cotton came all the way from UK, a thoughtful gift from her uncle abroad. It's been sitting in the shelf for a while until I finally thought of a design that fit.

No tutorial this time round, I admit I was a little lazy and just wanted to focus on finishing the dress, undisturbed. I made this piece overnight after a tiring working Saturday. It eased my mind by taking off the troubles that had been clouding in me, and it certainly pleased me by looking at my own handmade, and felt good to wear it onto my sweetie pie.

She obviously likes the dress. First thing she did after I wore it onto her was to look at her own reflection in the full body mirror. :)

My little apple reading a book. One of the rare quiet moments I get when she's awake.

Lovely under the morning sun. Both the dress and the baby. :)

Looked outstanding in the park full of kids..

You may refer to my previous post on the Little Sunshine Ruffled Dresswhich has the tutorial links for making ruffled dress. To make this dress, I used 3/4 yard of main fabric (the apple print) and 1/4 yard of matching fabric (the polka-dot print) for the edges and elastic band.

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