Saturday, June 8, 2013

Painting Time - The Paddy Field

It's a lazy Saturday morning and my little captain decided to do painting instead of watching TV program. So he pulled out his water color kits, picked a template of pirate he likes and asked me to get him a cup of water. Then he started painting right away, declaring that he doesn't need my help. Hmm... I was glad to have the free time to attend to my younger one :)

It's a good practice to encourage the little ones to explore things on their own, to train their concentration and  develop sense of independency. It gives mommy some "me" time and LO has the freehand to explore their creativity too. However, parents should still keep an close eye to ensure LO is not up to anything dangerous,  just refrain from interfering.

He choose the colors, mixed them up and painted it the way he liked it :)

After painting the pirate, he wrote his name and painted 2 mountains. He then told me he wanted paddy field (he remembers our Sekinchan trip :)... So mommy finally had a chance to teach him to use the brush to create soft thin stroke. I took this chance to explain the purpose of the 3 different paint brushes we bought for him. 

While my painting skill is limited, I try to teach him some new technique each time. From basic color theory, color mixing, understanding different brushes and different painting techniques to create the desired effect. 

So here it is, the pirate (farmer?) in the paddy field.

When the fun is over, I requested him to clean up. He was reluctant at first but finally succumbed to mommy's request and cleaned up the mess - washed the brushes and palette, kept the coloring box and put his painting to dry under the sun. When it comes to discipline, I always believe that parents shall be consistent and persistent so LO knows we really mean our words. 

Doing it for them may be the quickest solution, but training them to take the responsibility will definitely has a long term benefit to them.

So long for now, happy weekend peeps! 

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