Saturday, June 22, 2013

Painting Your Own Rock Star!

My little captain enjoys art work and exploring with water color painting ever since I introduced him to water color and the various artworks he made at his preschool. 

This Funky Fun Creating Your Own Rock Stars set is really ideal for him. It was a birthday present he received during his 4th birthday and he was so excited to discover this box lying in his toy racks, kept requesting me to play with him. So after settling all the errands and chores for the day, I finally sat down and had some creative fun time with my little artist.

These are the Rock Stars we created, not too bad huh?

A blue punk hair guitarist who loves to jam. He jointly created with daddy.

The little Indian girl who loves to sing. Some how when I let him decide what musical instrument to for this rock star, he suggested the microphone, 

"Why?", I asked.
"Because most girls love to sing", he said. 

Funny how he got such idea, but well, that's his choice, so microphone it is!

This is the box set, you have nearly everything you need in there, including rocks, paint set, cut-out templates, giggling eyes,  glue and pom pom; all you need is a cup for water for cleaning and a palette  for color mixing. Oh, and not to forget some old newspaper to prevent mess.

The content of the box.

At the reverse of the box there are simple color mixing instruction, which shall be useful  guide to the little ones, for example:

White (a lot) + blue (very little) + red (a little) + yellow (slightly more) = skin color
Red + yellow = orange
Red + blue = purple
Blue + yellow = green

Getting ready to paint... We started with a light yellow base coat, and decided we don't like the color and changed to skin tone color on second coating.

My little captain was trying to glue on the nose for the little Indian girl.

A personalized Rock Star, in few simple steps.

My thought about this game...
This a really simple activity that encourages creativity and trigger the little one's  imagination and its interesting to see what they may suggest. Just let the LOs decide how their rock stars are supposed to be and provide help when required.  In fact, this is a really ideal gift for a 4 - 8 years old kiddo who likes art and craft.

Once we used up all the 5 rocks provided, I plan to get some small pebbles from our garden and make homemade paint for simple artwork, such as fruits, bugs, candies etc. Imagine serving a real rock candy to the visiting guests? That should be fun! *wink*

Till later, have fun and stay safe!

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