Thursday, June 27, 2013

Re-Purpose Adult Skirt into Little Girl's Skirts 大裙换小裙

Ever since I have learnt sewing, once in a while I would ransack my wardrobe to look for some old stuff that I can repurpose. It is not that hard after all, there are plenty of clothes that I hardly wear anymore but I just couldn't let go of them. True and true a woman I am, I know! So I am doing myself some good deed now by repurposing them... :)

I found this A line knee length skirt that I have not been wearing for ages. I liked the tiny floral prints but I just do not quite like the way it look on my anymore. So instead of having it occupying my shelf space, I decided to give it a new life. In fact, 2 new lifes!

From a single adult skirt, I transformed it into 2 skirts for 2 little girls. Not bad after all! *self praising mode on*

This was how it used to look like. Simple A line skirt that is a little too boring.

Now, a small skirt with matching ribbon for my sweetie pie.

And an above knee-length bubble skirt for my 10 years old niece. As this skirt has a rather small waist line, I just leave the top as is and hem the bottom where I cut off to make the second skirt, then I added the ribbon. How simple is that!

Here is The Making:

This is how I did it. Just arrange a piece of my little girl's existing skirt over my old skirt, cut according to the outline with approximate 2cm allowance for seam.

Sew along the side (from the wrong side) and add a 4cm long zip on the top to form a skirt.

For the waist line, I made a bias tape using extra fabric from the dress with about 1" wide. An iron will be needed for this task.

Pin the bias tape along the top of the skirt with fabric pins and sew it on as close to the edge as possible. I added 2 inward folds in the middle section of the skirt to achieve a pleated look.

I then added on a little olive green ribbon for that extra touch. Isn't the little bow looking sweet? :)

Just that easy. Another Made-By-PH, done!
Have fun crafting! ;-)

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