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Smart Game Recommendation: Prince & Dragon IQ玩具好介绍:王子与恐龙

I received this game set few weeks back and had been having countless fun time with my little Captain and his cousins. It's the type of game that everyone will says "This looks easy" in the beginning, but the longer you play on the more challenging it becomes, and before you know it, you are stuck!

Smart Game: Prince & Dragon

This game is ideal for training the young minds on problem solving and concentration skill. In fact, it can be addictive if you are the type who love puzzle solving. So, puzzle lover, beware!

I have wanted to write a post about this IQ game set but many things happening that held me back. Finally, I managed to squeeze sometimes after my duo napped. Now that we have been playing for nearly a month, I must say it is an interesting game that is suitable for all ages, even for the elderly who wants some mental practice.

How to Play?

Imagine this, you have 10 players in fixed location - prince, princess, castle, cave, unicorn, light green dragon, wizard, treasure chest, blue flower, yellow flower, and 1 loose player, the dark green dragon that is one of the 9 puzzle pieces. Your mission is depending on the instruction in the book, for example:
  • Bring the prince to the princess, but ensure the wizard must not meet the dark green dragon.
  • Bring the unicorn to the cave; the wizard to the treasure chest and blue flower.
Too easy? Here's a more difficult one...
  • Bring prince to the cave, princess, wizard and unicorn; the dark green dragon to the blue flower; but make sure light green dragon cannot go to the castle nor the treasure chest.
Now, that sound more challenging, doesn't it? :)

Seen here, my little Captain showing off his completed puzzle at level 20.

Challenge 42, we have yet to reach there... Just a matter of when :)

The illustrative instructions book, the reverse page contains the possible solutions.There is obviously more than 1 solution to each problem.

So, what do I like about this game?
  • Everything you need for the game are stored in a well-designed box that has the game board on top, and a drawer compartment underneath. It's easy to carry around so it can keep my little boy occupied even when we go out for a visit.
  • It has 48 games in the simple instruction book, but over 1000 possible solutions. So each time you re-visit the same level you will probably discover a new solution. 
  • The game is designed according different level - Starter, Junior, Expert, Master. For young toddler to older kids (or even playful parents who love mental challenge?), there is definitely a level that is right for them.
  • It encourages good concentration and analytical skills. Designing the "route" is akin to mind mapping, the more you "map", the more active your brain cells become. It will definitely aid in improving problem solving skill to the young minds. If you are stuck, seek new path.
  • It provides good bonding time for parent and child, I always try to play the role as couch and provide advice and hints only when my little Captain needs help.
  • It can be used as a party game, its a good brain teaser. ;)

Storage compartment underneath, now that's convenient!

My Little One is Under 4 Years Old, Is this Suitable?
Why not? The more you stimulate, the smarter they become. The brain cells are just like our body muscles, the more workout you do the stronger they become. The potential of our little ones is only limited by what we believe they can achieve. So, give them the tools, and help them go the extra miles.

From my personal experience, for younger children under 4 years old, I will suggest to check out this Castlelogix IQ game instead. Equivalently fun but easier for younger children to understand.

Interested to get a set for your little one? check out here at Brainet and are other Smart Game series they have. If you have bought this game, do share your experience and how you make it interesting to your little ones? Would love to hear from you.

Till the later post, have fun!

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