Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cardboard Washing Machine {tutorial}

It's weekend again. While busy spring cleaning the home in preparation for Chinese New Year, we found this empty biscuit box that we had been keeping in our storeroom for craft project. After completing our cleaning, Little captain and I decided to start our DIY project - a cardboard washing machine!

Looking like real huh, it's modeled after our Electrolux machine. 

Complete with a front loading door and 2 dials for washing mode and drying mood, and a On/Off button. Did I mentioned its a washing matching cum dryer? That's the beauty of DIY, you are the sole designer. :-)

Little captain decided to brand the machine, and we just add all the mode randomly, like balls, soft toys. If only we really have a machine that can do all these functions, that will be ideal.

He can't wait to use the machine right away, with little sister busy throwing things inside. They washed the balls, blanket, toy bunny... So hardworking.

This machine cost us absolutely nothing and we have some good used of these "rubbish". Better than spend few hundred bucks for a play set which they may grow bored of it in few weeks time. Go green, recycle. :)

Interested to make one? Here's how.

The Making of Cardboard Washing Machine
Time required: approximately 1 hour
Materials needed: 
  • 1 rectangular box (we used a biscuit box)
  • 2 Milk carton's cap
  • White glue (craft glue, transparent & easy to wash off with water)
  • Few sheets of A4 paper
  • Marker pens of various colors

1. Gather your materials, wipe clean and remove any price tags/stickers on the box.

2. Cut a front door carefully using a cutter. 
*this step is not for the LO, to be handled by adult only*

3. Using white glue and A4 paper, cover up the cardboard nicely. Then glue on the caps as dials for the machine. Let dry.

4. Now start decorating with marker pen & label the dials with your preferred washing mode. We glued on some ribbons for decoration but it uss really optional.

That's it, your DIY cardboard machine is done. Now your LO can do laundry while you are doing your real laundry work. ;)

Happy crafting!

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