Thursday, January 30, 2014

Floral Hair Pin {Tutorial} 教你做花型发夹

Here is a quick flower hairpin I made for my little bunny using the leftover fabric from her scalloped cheongsam. Now she has a perfect match for her cheongsam. :)

A simple 8 steps tutorial, should take you no more than 30 minutes.

Materials needed:

• 1 long strip of fabric about 12cm long x 7cm width (approximate, depending on how big you want the petals to be)
• thread and needle in matching color
• 1 short bias tape in contrast color or a button shall work too
• a pair of scissors
• 1 alligator clip

The Making:

1. Cut a long rectangular strip of fabric. Fold both sides inward into a long strip of about 3cm width. 

2. Sew along a straight line without back stitching.

3. Now gently pull the thread from the end, the fabric will gathered into scallops.

4. Sew both end together to form a pinwheel. Now a flower shape is formed.

5. Cut a short strip of bias tape or a ribbon of contrasting color.

6. Double fold the bias tape like in the picture.

7. Sew the folded bias tape onto the center of the flower. Your fabric flower is now ready.

8. Using the thread, secure the fabric flower over the alligator clip. (You may sew it into a circular felt and glue it on too, but I had limited supply since I was not at home at the point of making this, I had to make do with whatever available).

That's it, a pretty fabric flower pin to match her little cheongsam!

If you like a tulle flower, check out my previous tutorial here

Happy crafting even on CNY eve! :)

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