Sunday, December 8, 2013

The 1st Christmas Pajama!

This Christmas I had been busy making all the handmade stuff.. From kid's apron to felt Christmas tree and now, the Christmas pajama, finally!

He was really happy, would do any pose I request of him..

I used a Christmas red polka-dot fabric with yellow bias tape to outline the sleeve and some really cute bear buttons that I bought sometimes back.

How would I forget the personal label. *wink*

The strawberry pocket was the highlight, I thought to have something sweet to resemble the holiday mood. :) this is the same fabric I used to make my baby girl's first mommy-made dress. It is now too small to fit but I am still keeping it as this is my first ever handmade dress! 

I used the free pattern from Shwin & Shwin (did I mentioned they are one of my favorites!). Somehow I could not figured out how the steps work after cutting the fabric, so I made some modifications to it after much though and came out with this modified version, which looks somewhat different from the original pajama Rama. Thank God it still work out well so my fabric did not gone wasted... 

You can download the tutorial and pattern here and give it a try. I would really very much like to find out if you managed to get it 100% accurate unlike poor me... 

I am still contemplating if I should make the sibling pajamas using the Snoopy fabric I bought sometime back, or perhaps should I make a new headboard cover for our room? It's been a year since I last made the first fabric headboard and we can really use a new print... Here's the link if you would like to find out how to make a DIY fabric headboard cover.

In the meanwhile I want to make some pretty Christmas cookies too, decorating with cookies is something I've never tried before and would really want to have a go with it. Gosh, having too many interest in too many things can be torturous to one self.

Any projects do you have in mind this Christmas, care to share? ;-)

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