Monday, December 16, 2013

Little Matryoshka Doll Dress *Christmas Special!*

I fell in love with Mathryoshka doll, or better known as Russian nesting doll, the very first time I saw them in a little handmade shop in Melbourne. They are wooden dolls of decreasing size that can be placed into one another. As a result we bought a Mathryoshka doll measurement cup set and a Matroyshka chicken family toy set and brought them back. They are just too cute to resist!

So when I saw this fabric on sale, I knew I had to own it. I decided to make a dress that showcase the pretty lines of dolls and snowflakes. I make it stretchable and with extra length (hidden) so it can grow with my baby C who is like a sprouting bean stalk.

It has a stretchable waist for better fitting.

My favorite among all is the light blue doll. So sweet and jolly. Took me awhile to select the matching buttons, finally I settled with these little snowflakes button.

The cream yellow doll & little angle holding the wreath are really adorable too. So are the donkey and the little lamb. Well, perhaps I'm just in love with this fabric!

I just couldn't wait to try out this dress on my little bunny...

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