Friday, March 14, 2014

{Book Review} How Did That Get In my Lunchbox?

When the batch of new books I ordered for my duo arrived, I fell in love with this pictorial book the moment I read it, How Did That Get In My Lunchbox? The Story of Food by Chris Butterworth, illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti.  I knew my duo, especially my little captain who is 5yo now will be interested with the topics covered.

I was right. He was hooked onto the book instantly and kept asking me to read more with him that very evening we got the book.

Look at the lovely drawings of food and little kids around the world. Which little ones would not be attracted?

It started with a colorful illustration of a lunch box comprises of a cheese sandwich, a choc chip cookie, some tomatoes, carrots, clementines and a packet of apple juice. Something I regularly packed for my kiddos or serve for their breakfast, so I know they can easily connect to this book.

I love the illustrative explanation on the processes. Not too wordy or overly elaborative, just enough to let the kids understand where the food originated (from the tree, cow, farm etc), and what sort of processes it gone through (pressing, extraction, sorting, packaging etc) before it became what it was or get to where it was.

Like, how the apples on the apple tree turned into packets of juice.

Or, how was the cheese produced? My little captain was especially interested in this page as he loooooooove cheese like a mouse. Kept coming back to this page and asked me to explain each step.

It's a light paper back with only 32 pages, but full colored and not a single page of dullness. So I would strongly getting this book for your preschoolers, as they can easily associate with the content and have a good understand of how the food value chain works, hence can better appreciate the food that is packed in their lunch box - it's a result of hardwork from many people involved, not as easy as just picking them from the air-conditioned convenient store. This book reminded me of the TV series "How It's Made?" on Discovery channel, one of my favorite late night shows (err... when I used to have time for my own TV Programme.)

This book will be ideal for 4 years old onward (assisted reading), but for younger toddler like my baby C, the  pictures make it a fun book for story telling too (just make sure they won't tear the pages apart...)

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Happy reading!

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