Monday, October 15, 2012

Pretty Pillowcase Baby Dress

I had plenty of beautiful fabric sitting around in my shelf, so I decided to sew something simple last night before they gather more dust. So after coming home from work and put my duo to bed, I started working on my machine again. I've always read about how simple it is to make a pillowcase dress, and due to the simplicity of the design, it can grows with the baby for many months! (you will see why when you scroll down to look at the pic of the dress :)

Why is it called a pillowcase dress? Well, I can't find a formal explanation for that but I suppose its because this design originated from a pillow case? In fact, all you need is to join 2 piece of fabrics together, yep, it's that simple. :)

Here is the dress, after 1.5 hour of nonstop sewing. I used a matching satin pink ribbon to match the sweet color tone of the dress. There is extra length at the bottom, so as baby grow, I can just extend the length.

The original length before I sewed up the edge, can easily fit my baby after she turns 1 (or even 2?).

I added cotton lining for a neat finishing and extra comfort when wearing.

My handmade peony flower to add some twist to this otherwise simple dress. I think it really adds a scent of sweetness to the dress (note: this photo was taken when the flower peony was pinned on, I have subsequently sew it on to secure it :)

Next, I just need to make a matching hairband for this pretty dress. Can't wait to dress up my baby Claire, lol..

I will try to post up a tutorial when I start making the next pillowcase dress, stay tuned. ;)

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