Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quick Fix for T Shirt 快速美化童衣

My little boy is joining school field trip tomorrow and all students are required to wear their uniform for security reason - easier for teachers to spot their students. As I was getting ready his uniform for next morning, I was surprised to see small holes over the uniform! *argh*... thanks to my helper's mighty strength when washing the clothes..

Not wanting my boy to wear a "defaced" shirt I decided to do a quick fix to beautify his shirt - by sewing on few colorful balloons!

Looking cute, ain't it? :)

This was how it looked like awhile ago...

To fix up, these are the tools I used:
- Some colorful acrylic felt
- some threads and a needle (or sewing machine)
- a pair of scissors
- cut out pieces from an old shirt (to fix the torn area)

And here's how I did it...

1. First, cut a few felt into ballon shapes depending on numbers of letters to form your child's name / initial. I sew my boy's name over the balloons, I'm sure he is going to love these. :)

2. Fix the holes by sewing a small piece of replacement fabrics on the inner side of the shirt. This is to avoid further tear to the shirt in long run.

3. Sew on the balloons using threats of contrasting colors, add a string or decorate as you wish.

Now my little boy has a personalized cute looking uniform to wear for the school field trip, yay! :))

Oh... And below is the enhanced version of my baby's plain green T where I gave it a little facelift using felt again.. I love playing with pattern :)

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