Saturday, October 27, 2012

Necktie for Little Boy 小男孩领带

I really adore the Children on Parade fabric I used for making baby Claire's birthday dress that I decided to make a necktie for my little boy.

After doing my research for some times, I've finally decided on a suitable design that is easy to fit on - I used pin on instead of an actual tie-on or strap-on necktie.

So here it is, the special made necktie for my darling boy - a little boy riding on bicycle.

He was so excited when I told him I'm making him a necktie like daddy's, he actually accompanied me throughout the making. So not surprising to me that he really loved his special tie as he somewhat participated in the process of making. :)

Isn't him looking handsome? *I'm obviously in admiring mood*

He must have really liked this necktie that he agreed to pose for me in such a jolly mood.

Half way making only I realized I forgot to take pictures, so this is only the second half of the supposingly tie making tutorial.

Now I don't have to pay for pricey yet boring looking boy tie anymore, yay!

If I can find a clip-on would be more ideal, so do drop me a message if you know where in town / online I can find a clip on pin (like those clip on earrings). Thanks in advanced!

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