Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Coming Soon - Baby Claire's 1st Birthday

As Baby Claire is turning 1 in a month's time, I have started making plan for her special day (or should I say, my special day for 1 year post-delivery? How fast time flies..)

It will be simple celebration with families only at home, however this does not stop me from making it a memorable day with special handmade. :)

Here is my masterplan, sketched on a piece of small note and still well kept in my purse.

Theme: Balloons
Theme Color: baby blue & soft pink

I'm making good progress and everything is right on track. Both her party dresses are done - one for her early celebration with the grandparents on the eve of her birthday, another for the actual day with my side of family.

Baby Claire's 1 Year Old Birthday Dress, with a tie-back bow ribbon on the back.
First version, before alteration. It is a bit long-ish for baby Claire.

Children On Parade by Sarah Jane, I just love to see the line up of happy kids :)
I kept the shoulder straps open using button-on design. This will allow me to put up the dress for her at ease and the strap length can be easily adjusted (by re-sewing the button) as she grows taller.
This dress is similar design as the first baby dress I made 2 months back, I keep the design simple since the fabric itself is sweet and lovely. Would love to see her put on this dress and walk about in her tiny feet :)

Birthday Dress 2 - Children in Balloons... I love the playful design of this fabric - bunny and little girl are floating with the balloons :)
Matching bow ribbon.
I intend to change this to a plain white ribbon and use this bow ribbon for her headband instead.

Oh, and accessories for her and her little brother are on the way.. must not let the brother feel omitted or sidelined.

Now that most of the sewing are down, what keep me thinking is the the Minnie chocolate cake I planned to make. I've never tried making a fondants cake of this size, only the cupcakes I made for her full moon celebration. Anyway, I'm determined to have that done and nothing will stand in my way. Wish me luck :)

Interested to make one yourself?
I received many inquiries about this particular fabric, I know I know it is too cute to be missed! :) I am using the Children At Play fabric, Play House series designed by Sarah Jane, do drop by her blog to get inspired and further info on where you can purchase this fabric near you. If you ever made a similar party dress for your little girl, feel free to share ya as I really enjoy admiring see other's lovely craft work. :)

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