Thursday, July 11, 2013

Home Improvement: Floral Chair Seat Covers (自制座套)

Another task completed from my Chinese New Year to-do list -- the floral print dining chair covers. Yes, all 6 of them done and ready to welcome the guests this CNY! *yay*

What's missing is only a matching place mat for the centerpiece on the dining table.

Looking lovely when placed on the chair.

Each chair cover has its unique print.

I sewn 8mm white ribbons at both corners to allow easy tie on onto the chair.

Looking lovely when stacked together...

They are really just a bunch of beautiful squares...

Look at the delightful prints, the deep pink flowers leave a stunning visual effect with the strong contrast of the dark background.

These chair covers were so easy to make and the outcome is simply lovely and artsy. They gave an instant uplift to the overall look and feel of the dining hall, I can finally discard the store bought which were all 1 size too small.

If you intend to make one yourself, just remember to pre-wash the fabric and sun the batting before you begin, So once the covers are done you can just put them onto your chairs right away! *woo-hoo*

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